Why You Should Consider Dremel Like A Boss For Your Puppy

This week in the 4 Paws Adrift Newsletter our featured client is a Puppy Culture puppy. It got me thinking how complementary Dremel Like a Boss is to the Puppy Culture program. Puppy Culture has a special place in my heart since my Newfoundland, Molly, and I were in the original Puppy Culture film.

Let me tell you why I think Dremel Like a Boss is a great addition to the Puppy Culture training plan for puppy owners. Your pup’s nails will need to be maintained their entire life. Following the DLAB curriculum as part of the training plan will provide problem prevention for your nail care and husbandry needs. The methodology used in DLAB follows the Puppy Culture ideals to allow the puppy to lead the dialogue and create a two way conversation between the pet owner and the puppy. DLAB like Puppy Culture meets your puppy where they are at!

How many times have I heard that my puppy does great with nails so I don’t need to train it. Here is the thing, you may have...

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