Consistency, Time, and Patience is the secret sauce

I have helped dozens of members get results with my signature program Dremel Like a Boss. I am not talking about small results, this is life changing results for these teams. Pet owners come into my program thinking they will not be able to do it…then by the end of the program they are doing amazing things! The dogs are happy and loving their grooming time with their owners.

Yes, I have a systematic approach that members follow. It is broken down into small slices so that teams get the results desired.  But….non of this would work if the owners were not consistent, put in the time, and developed the patience of a saint. The group coaching sessions are focused on the teams developing patience in their training for hard grooming skills. You get results with my program because I take you through it step by step, but the members that come to the group coaching sessions each week on Thursday for three to six months make the biggest changes and have...

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