My Why.....her name is Molly

Photo Credit Louis Ruediger

I had a revelation the other day.  My stumbling 14 and a half year old Newfoundland with her cataract eyes, unkept coat, and greying muzzle looked at me.  I realized why I decided to take my training business full-time, ask a friend for a hand to live on her property, and devote my life to being an entrepreneur.... Molly.

I thought my why was my independence, owning my own business, flexibility, but that was all just added benefits.  The true reason...Molly.

My first Newfoundland, my heart dog, spent the last years of his life not sleeping near me, in a crowded space, and my devotion to something that did not serve him.  He spent his life by my side in good times and in bad.  Some of my decisions did not serve him.  

Tears are now rolling down my face....

I was not going to do that to Molly.  I got her at 10 months old.  She was scared and soft.  She made me the trainer I am today.  She has allowed me the courage to become a professional dog trainer.  She made me better.  She is perfect.  I love her.

The least I can do is give her an end of life that is comfortable, joyous, and with me.  Whether I sleep on the couch and she on the floor next to me, in the kitchen while I cook, or in the office at the foot of my chair.

She is happy, I am happy, we are together every day, many hours a day.  My current lifestyle allows her to be with me most of the time.  I am forever grateful to everyone in my life that has allowed this current lifestyle for Molly and I.

Thank you for allowing me the air space to say what was on my heart.  My love to each and every one of you.


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