Day 2 of 3 Day Challenge - Cultivating a Competition Ready Dog


Day 2 Video Blog is up!

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Recap from Day 1 Challenge:

Think about the 4 Paws mantra:

1. Plan to train only one thing at a time

2. Always use choice based training

3. Work the dog in front of you, even if you have to change your "P".

4. Strategic Reinforcement will get you to your goal faster.

Day 2 Challenge - Clean training clips!

1. Use a mat as a reset/resting area in between clips to minimize unwanted behaviors like sniffing.

2. Lure from your resting place to working space to minimize unwanted training clip behaviors like sniffing or exploring.

3. Protect your performance contexts from unwanted behaviors by using tight training clips.  Examples of contexts to protect are the obedience ring, beach front, water articles, and heel position.

Meet us back here tomorrow for the last day of our 3 day training challenge.

Splash ya later,

Erica Etchason BS, CPDT-KA

E: [email protected]




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