Day 1 of 3 day Challenge - Magnetize a Mat


Hi Dog Peeps!  I am throwing down a 3 day training challenge.  Visit to see our new video blog for the next three days.  Day 1 is ready to rock and roll.

There are two steps to magnetize a mat:

1. While dog is on mat, drop treats onto the mat in different spots.

2. Click when dog is on mat, throw a treat off, but near mat for the dog's next rep to make a choice to step onto mat again.

Also, while I have you.....we have so many new things to tell you about from 4 Paws Adrift!

Where do I begin?  Our website is up at! Check out our two locations in Allentown, NJ and Frazer, PA.  Email us at [email protected] or call Erica at 908.892.4709 to book your winter swim or wait for it.....

Our Ferno Under Water Treadmill is up and running!  We are currently booking appointments for our Allentown, NJ location for conditioning treadmill sessions.

The Allentown location at Marty's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary is hosting a dog friendly Halloween event on Saturday October 19th from 12pm - 4pm.  Come join us for some fun dog games or try a $10 / 10 minute mini swim in our heated indoor pool.  We will also be offering complimentary BEMER therapeutic pad sessions, and take a peek at our Under Water Treadmill area.  Visit for more information on the event.

Visit and "Like" our new 4 Paws Adrift Facebook page to see Erica's Day 1 of 3 Video Training Challenge.  This month's goal is to get off the couch and train in this beautiful fall weather.

Whew!  We are so excited to be offering more services in and out of the water. Again, visit our website to learn all the things water we have to offer to foster the wellness of your beloved canine in the water.

Splash ya later!

Erica Etchason, CPDT-KA



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