$9.99 USD

Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp

Learn a skill each day to jump start your nail care journey. All of these skills will help take your nail care and grooming time from chaotic to joyful. Each day for five days you will receive a training video in your email box that you can download. You will also have access to a private Dremel Like a Boss Facebook group to ask questions and post videos for your fellow members to support you on your journey.

What you'll get:

  • Day 1 - Learn to create a nail care space your dog will love
  • Day 2 - Learn the power of Zen Bowl Lite
  • Day 3 - I will walk you through how to create a positive association to the sight and sound of a nail care tool
  • Day 4 - Train an object chin rest for endless grooming rituals
  • Day 5 - Watch my presentation on what areas of the nail are safe to Dremel and why it is important to maintain your pup’s nails.

What People Are Saying:

Jack enjoys having his feet rubbed by strangers. He can sit here for hours. No joke. People say...why does he like this? I say, Dremel like a boss!

Chrissy and Jack