Erica Etchason BS, CPDT-KA

Owner, Canine Swim Coach

Erica Etchason has been involved in Canine Water Sports since 2006. Erica’s water training philosophy is to build joy around water, joy that will build confident, safe swimmers.  A structured water program allows dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes, and experience to enjoy swimming.  Erica trains and competes in many venues, but her passion is in water work. Currently Erica has achieved over 40 Canine Water Sports merits with her three Newfoundland’s and a Water Dog and Water Rescue Dog Title from the Newfoundland Club of America with Molly.  Erica and her Newfoundland’s have earned Canine Water Sports merits in the Team Swim, Retrieve, Underwater, and Towing categories.  Erica and her dog Fozzie is the only team to earn a Certificate in AquaAgility from Canine Water Sports.  Erica has worked with many breeds both water loving and water challenged. Erica teaches in-door pool classes at in PA and in NJ.  Erica is a co-owner of an off-leash dog camp called Camp Unleashed,



Denise A. Grimm BS, CCRA

Director Therapeutic Modalities, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant

Denise Grimm is the owner and training director of Search Response K9, co-founder of 4 Paws Adrift – water training club, former president and co-founder of NJ Rescue and Recovery K9 SAR Unit. She was a certified FEMA and SUSAR K9 Search Specialist with Pennsylvania Task Force One, Maryland Task Force One and New Jersey Urban SAR Task Force One, as well as an evaluator and instructor. She is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and Industry and earned her certification as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant from Canine Rehabilitation Institute. She was appointed, Water Sports judge by Canine Water Sports in 2011.

Talina Santos

Assistant Canine Swim Coach

Talina has been swimming dogs at an in-door pool since 2013.  Ever since she was a child she always had a special connection and love for dogs. She always knew she wanted to work with dogs.  When she started her canine swim training, it felt incredible and natural to her. She loves watching and teaching the process of learning to swim.  To see a dog make the mental and physical connection of swimming is the greatest reward. 

Talina always tries to make the experience as positive as possible. If the dog displays a great toy drive or is immediately interested and playful with the water, she will try toys to get them into the water. If a dog is too nervous to be interested in toys, she will use treats to get them first comfortable with stepping into the water and then progress in distance to walking, playing, and jumping.   Talina also LOVES to work with small dogs.  When Talina is not swimming dogs for 4 Paws Adrift she is the office manager and product specialist at the Dog Spaw of Little Silver.

Beth Logue, BS, RN


Beth has been involved with animals since childhood, first competing in hunter/jumpers and dressage with her horses, then switching to canine sports in 1997. She has successfully titled her dogs in USDAA, NADAC and AKC Agility, NAFA and U-FLI Flyball, Canine Water Sports & Barn Hunt.
With her former dogs, Kimber & Shadow, Beth was a member of Fur Fun Flyball Team. During that time, they were on the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) Regional Multibreed Champion Team 5 years in a row. With Fur Fun, Beth and her dogs participated in many demos including halftime shows for the Harlem Globetrotters and New York Jets. More recently, Beth is the co-captain of Happily Evfur After Flyball Team which earned the NAFA Regional Multibreed Championship in 2018. She is also the owner & captain of Merry Mutts Flyball U-FLI Team, which was one of the 2018 Top Ten Variety Teams in the US.
Her dogs Roo & Banzai were the first two dogs to ever earn an Apprentice Title in Canine Water Sports. Her dogs Roo, Banzai and Ricochet were also the first dogs to successfully complete several of the Shoreline Skills Tasks. She has earned over 60 Canine Water Sports Merits with her dogs thus far.
In addition to the dogs mentioned above, Beth has 2 young dogs, Geronimo & Vegas which are just beginning their sports careers in Flyball, Canine Water Sports & Barn Hunt.

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