Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp

The Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp will not only change your relatiionship with your dog, but it will give you a foundation that will increase the longevity and health of your dog for years to come.

Do you want your dogs to never look at you with fear?

Do you want to never do things to your dog regularly that they HATE, like nail trims?

What if I told you, there is way to actually ENHANCE your relationship with your dog AND they will run to you (not away from you) for their nail trims!


By the end of the week,

you will have…


  • A Nail Care space your dog loves

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see your dog run into his space for his pedicure?
  • A Training Tool to help with all husbandry handling

    Clients constantly say this is a game changer. It is a tool that can be used to teach handling of nails, ears, teeth, and so much more.
  • A Training Protocol to introduce the Dremel and other grooming props

    This one protocol can be used to introduce the sight and sound of any grooming tool. There is a particular order and method to this protocol (we follow learning theory on this one) to set you up for success immediately,
  • An Object Chin Rest 

    I give you instructions and videos to show you how to take your chin rest and transition it to an object chin rest. This foundation behavior can grow into one of your most used behaviors for vet visits, groomer handling, or procedures you need to do at home.

“Hi, Thanks for your presentation. I popped out Dremels today and loaded up Zen Bowl. Muddy voluntarily came and did a down and rolled over. My word is calm. We did his nails and I rewarded the hell out of him. I was tired of the drama of hiding the Dremel and then getting him on a down by surprise and then doing his nails. That was MY stress! I intend to build on this progress! I will make Zen bowl have great value to him! We will continue with short sessions. Thank you for giving me a valuable tool in my bag of tricks!” 

Colleen & Muddy

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What’s Inside the Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp


Day 1

 Create your nail care space

Learn to create a nail care space your dog will love by giving them choices to opt in and to opt out. This one change helps concerned dogs start the recovery process around nail trimming time.

Day 2

Learn the power of Zen Bowl Lite!

You will learn why and how to use this game changing tool for nail care and all your grooming events.

Day 3

Condition your Dremel and other grooming tools

I will walk you through how to create a postive association to the sight and sound of a nail care tool.

Day 4

Object Chin Rest

I will show you how to start an object chin rest. This is one of the most useful behaviors for grooming and husbandry. It can be used at the vet’s office, groomer, and at home for endless procedures. It is one of my most used behaviors with Jibe, my Newfoundland.

Stage 5

Why should we maintain our dog’s nails?

I created a presentation for you on what areas of the nail are safe to Dremel and WHY it is important to maintain your pup’s nails.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp -  $9.99

  • An email delivered to your inbox each day for five days
  • Each email will have a downloadable video presentation and additional resources
  • You will have access to a private facebook group to ask questions and post videos for feedback.
  • You will be part of a community with supportive fellow members going on the journey with you.

Total Value: $9.99


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Still thinking about it?

The Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp is for you if… 


  1. Your dog’s nail care is a priority.
  2. You have realized your dog’s reaction to nail care is getting worse NOT better.
  3. You are looking for a nail care routine that DOES NOT hurt your dog.
  4. You are not afraid to put in the time it takes to create a nail care routine your dog will have for its lifetime.
  5. You are putting in hours of resources finding a groomer to do your dog or find someone to help you do your dog’s nails.
  6. You never thought you would be able to learn how to use a Dremel safely on your dog.
  7. You have always wanted a dog that RUNS into your grooming space.
  8. You are tired of dreading doing your dog’s nails every month or feel anxiety to do any grooming maintenance.

I can’t wait for you to join the Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp!

I was lucky with my first two Newfoundlands.  I had compliant dogs and a mentor that told me early on how to Dremel my dog’s nails correctly.  What I didn’t have…was shortcuts, the right information on tools, and the easiest methods to do any husbandry behaviors with my dogs.

Fast forward….I got my third Newfoundland puppy and like all owners I wanted to do everything better this time around.  One of my priorities was taking better care of my Newfoundland’s coat.  My other worry was that I would not have a compliant dog and nail care would be an issue.  I set out to find the best information on how to do dog’s nails and other grooming procedures that were important to me. The Five Day Nail Care Bootcamp was born from information out of my signature program Dremel Like a Boss. I knew not everyone was ready for a 3 to 6 month membership so I created the Bootcamp with the essential information to get someone started on their nail care journey. The Bootcamp is great because you can take these skills and apply them right away. You can even use them in your current process. The Bootcamp was meant to enhance your current process to help alleviate some stress on you and your pup. I wanted dog owners to be able to put these skills in place right away to get results quickly. Dremel Like a Boss has helped so many dogs and their people. I hope the Bootcamp gets you and your pup started down a path of fearfree nail trims.

I look forward to meeting you inside our private Dremel Like a Boss Facebook Group!



Your Dremel Coach

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