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Step 1 to a force free hold: A Chin Rest

There are many ways to use this behavior.  Dogs find this behavior relaxing, rewarding, and easy to learn.  This is a perfect behavior to learn how to train duration using a clicker.  Dogs will hold this position naturally in your palm, which makes it easier to capture duration for new to clicker trainers or people who only use the clicker occasionally for some behaviors. 

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Foundation Behavior to teach an article Hold

People struggle with teaching a hold without physically manipulating the dog.  Using a clicker to teach an end duration behavior is a great way to teach a force free hold.  Practice with the chin rest first.

Husbandry Behavior

If you have a high maintenance grooming breed, a chin rest will save you lots of aggravation.  Need to be still for scissoring, rinsing, or any type of head examination; use a chin rest to create a relaxing, and still behavior.

Decompression behavior for high energy dogs

Sometimes we need to calm down dogs that are in a high arousal state.  We need them to be more thoughtful.  A duration behavior will calm a dog.  A chin rest is good to bring calmness to your dog in a high energy situation.


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