Dremel Like a Boss-K9 Nail Care System

A six month membership

In this membership, you and your dog will go from feeling stressed to feeling delighted and confident by mastering how to Dremel your dog’s nails.


If you’re a dog owner that takes the best care of your dog, and never wants to hurt them, but putting your dog into stressful situations is weighing on you.  I am sure you have realized that changing your current strategy is necessary.  Using less force to take care of your beloved companion is the next viable option.

 You already know your dog’s nail care is a priority, but you are not sure how to use the tools without creating anxiety for you and your dog.  Many of us have been told we just need to get it done, but each month we either dread the trip to the groomer or our dog’s face when we get out the clippers.

You have found a solution! The doors to Dremel Like a Boss opens a few times a year.  Since the doors are currently closed, I have provided this 30 minute training to get you started while you wait for the doors to open. This workshop talks about how you can strengthen the bond with your dog while doing their nails. You are in the right place and the training below gives you concepts to apply immediately to your nail care routine to get you started.

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"Slater is my 2yr old Australian Cattle dog.  Since Slater was a little pup I have not had much success with grooming…Dremel Like a Boss has changed all that!

I have been through several different types of training classes with Slater.  Dremel LIke a Boss has produced the most noticeable results!  I’m applying the techniques we learned in this grooming program to other areas with Slater.  Dremel Like a Boss has had such a positive affect on my relationship with Slater!  

Dremel Like a Boss is such a positive environment.  The community atmosphere is helpful so you know you’re not alone & inspires you to keep going!  Erica is patient and encouraging.  By breaking down the tasks into small steps it allows you & your dog to feel positive about moving forward!  Erica helps to adapt the program to the unique needs of the different dogs…it’s not a cookie cutter program!

Dremel Like a Boss has taught me to go slow, be patient with myself & Slater.  I’m thrilled at how much Slater & I have accomplished.  Feeling positive for the future filled with trust, grooming, treats & fun!

Heather & Slater, Dremel Like a Boss Founding Member

What’s Inside Dremel Like a Boss


Stage 1

From Scared to Willing

Stage Description: You and your dog may feel unsure and have a history of anxiety around nail care.  You will learn how to setup a grooming zone that sets the stage for a mindset shift for future stages.

Stage Highlights:

Stage 1 sets you up for success for the upcoming months in the program.

  • Options to outsource nail care while in program
  • How to setup nail care space
  • Condition nail care space
Stage 2

Can’t Touch This!

Stage Description: Your dog is starting to have positive associations to the idea of grooming, but body handling is still frustrating.  We will systematically touch the dog and record the actions.  We will will build techniques for stillness and create a consistent Dremel routine.

Stage Highlights:

This stage introduces one of the game changers of using my Zen Bowl lite.

  • Complete Body Handing Score Card
  • Create a “still” marker cue
  • Learn to use Zen Bowl Lite
  • Experiment and Decide on a Dremel Routine
Stage 3

Dremel Like a Boss

Stage Description: Confidence is rising in this stage!  Your dog is an active participant in your grooming game.  We will be introducing the sounds and actions around having a tool touch the toes.

Stage Highlights:

This Stage is the heart and soul of the program.  This is where I break the entire process down step by step and we go through each step week by week.

  • Practice duration in Dremel Position
  • Practice with an Electric toothbrush
  • Introduce the sight and sound of Dremel
  • “Nick” our first toes
Stage 4

Other Grooming Rituals

Stage Description: We go beyond the feet in this stage.  We look at additional techniques to help with face clipping, ear maintenance, and other topics suggested by the members.  In this stage we make sure our dogs are prepared for successful trips to the groomer.

Stage Highlights:

We add additional skills in this stage like duration chin rest, object chin rest, and how to handle introducing new grooming tools.

  • Teach an advanced chin rest
  • Practice Ear Handling
  • Practice head, mouth, and teeth handling
  • How to introduce props
  • How to condition mild restraints
Stage 5

Confident Like a Boss

Stage Description: You and your dog enjoy grooming when you have reached this stage!  You both enjoy your grooming time together and it is something you look forward to instead of dread.  You have all the resources you need to maintain your grooming rituals.

Stage Highlights:

I will do Q&As, Dremel Practice Sessions, and Hot Spots to help someone individually.  I will also add new content when there is something the community needs.  This is a living and breathing membership that grows with the members.

  • Q&A with Erica
  • Dremel Practice Sessions to keep you accountable
  • VIP Individual Hot Spots for direct feedback
  • New content when the membership hits an obstacle

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Dremel Like a Boss

Still thinking about it?

Dremel Like a Boss is PERFECT for you if… 


  1. Your dog’s nail care is a priority.
  2. You have realized your dog’s reaction to nail care is getting worse NOT better.
  3. You are looking for a nail care routine that DOES NOT hurt your dog.
  4. You are not afraid to put in the time it takes to create a nail care routine your dog will have for its lifetime.
  5. You are putting in hours of resources finding a groomer to do your dog or find someone to help you do your dog’s nails.
  6. You never thought you would be able to learn how to use a Dremel safely on your dog.
  7. You have always wanted a dog that RUNS into your grooming space.
  8. You are tired of dreading doing your dog’s nails every month or feel anxiety to do any grooming maintenance.

I can’t wait for you to join Dremel Like A Boss

I was lucky with my first two Newfoundlands.  I had compliant dogs and a mentor that told me early on how to Dremel my dog’s nails correctly.  What I didn’t have…was shortcuts, the right information on tools, and the easiest methods to do any husbandry behaviors with my dogs.  I was young and did my dogs’ nails on the ground, I knew as I got older that this wasn’t going to work forever.  My back was already to the point that I would dread nail day so I did it less often than I should.

Fast forward….I got my third Newfoundland puppy and like all owners I wanted to do everything better this time around.  One of my priorities was taking better care of my Newfoundland’s coat.  My other worry was that I would not have a compliant dog and nail care would be an issue.  I set out to find the best information on how to do dog’s nails and other grooming procedures that were important to me.  This is how Dremel Like a Boss was born; all the books, research, talking with friends, breeders, and my journey with Jibe.  I ended up videoing some of Jibe’s early exposures and that material is part of Dremel Like a Boss.  I also realized through my canine swim coach business that many people needed support on their nail care journey.  People needed a step by step process and someone to guide them, not just throw a book at them and say here it is.  It is a complex journey for some owners and dogs so I dedicated time to creating the program, asked some dear clients to come on board to see the response and ….Dremel Like a Boss has helped more dogs and people in bigger ways than I ever dreamed was possible.  I LOVE all the time I get to spend with the content and my members.  I look forward to every Thursday when I get to help people and their dogs find joy in their grooming rituals.  I know it is not flashy, but it has heart and I am all about the heart.

Please join me for the next three to six months where I personally guarantee you and your dog will find joy in your nail care and grooming rituals.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Dremel Like a Boss!



Your Dremel Coach

Join the Dremel Like a Boss Waitlist

In my signature membership learn how to Dremel your dog’s nails with ease and unparalleled support of any online husbandry program.